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The department of economics at college professor MAO strengthen re-elected teaching refers to the ministry of education committee members

作者: 发布日期:2018-11-02

On November 1, 2018, 2018-2022, the ministry of education of institutions of higher learning established teaching steering committee meeting was held in Beijing.Bao-sheng Chen minister said on behalf of the ministry of education to teach refers to the committee member of sincere greetings and heartfelt thanks.Education Lin Huiqing chaired the meeting, deputy secretary of CPC leading group members, and read out the ministry of education established on 2018-2022, the ministry of education of higher education teaching steering committee of the notice.

It is understood that the established 111 teaching refers to the committee, a new teaching refers to a committee member selected 5550, 3611 of them are new members, two-thirds of the total number of members.Lin Huiqing points out, pay special attention to the teaching quality of undergraduate class roots national standards, to promote the use of "national standard", perfect the talent training scheme according to the national standard modification, deepen teaching reform, optimize the curriculum, updating the teaching contents, but also pays special attention to the qualified, level, chasing excellence on level 3 certification.The new teaching means committee will become the core strength in this a series of tasks.

Economic and trade professional teaching indicating 1 director committee member, deputy director of the committee of 8 people, member of 36 people.Foreign economic and trade university, deputy party secretary of the committee members, vice President zhao Zhong Xiuren, from the economics department professor MAO strengthen term economic and trade professional teaching refers to the committee members.