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Our research project made gratifying achievements in 2016

作者: 发布日期:2016-12-31

Recently, 2016 by the national natural science foundation of application of the results of the project, our hospital, vice President of the Yang Jin declare the r&d outsourcing reverse driving equipment manufacturing industry breakthrough technology innovation mechanism and path: double innovation network embedded evolutionary perspective and original Yuan teachers declare China's regional industrial structure evolution of carbon emissions research on the mechanism and effect of all allowed to project financing amount is 480000 yuan and 190000 yuan respectively;The national philosophy and social sciences planning office also published recently by national social science fund in the late 2016 funded project list, our Cao Yu teachers declare the ontology base the reflection and reconstruction of modernity, made the grant funds is expected to 200000 yuan;In June, our hospital Yang, vice President of the declaration of "China's share of the economy law labor relations management research, and associate professor of li na to declare the" area "strategy of our country and central Asia international engineering contracting legal issues research, also passed the national social science fund project review allowed to project financing amount is 200000 yuan.At this point, our hospital has won 2016 project 5 state-level scientific research projects, the national scientific research project funds reached 1.27 million yuan, hit a record high.