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School of Humanities and Economics Law's 2019 Chinese Government Scholarship Review Successfully Completed

作者: 发布日期:2019-11-30

On the afternoon of May 5, the School of Humanities , Economics and Law invited the leaders of our college Zhang Qingjiang, Yang Jin and Li Na,  the head teacher, the teaching secretary, and the Foreign Affairs Secretary as judges. Twenty-two international students from 13 countries including the United States, South Korea, Bangladesh, Russia, Ghana, and Ecuador conducted the annual review of Chinese government scholarships. The review meeting was chaired by  Professor Li Na, assistant dean.

In order to do a good job of annual review, the college has formulated assessment content from the aspects of professional course study, learning attitude and attendance, behavior performance and rewards and punishments. For the 2018 graduate students, the focus is on the performance of the scientific research team and the course examination results, and the 2017 graduate students are on the performance and scientific progress of the research team. In order to strengthen the assessment of Chinese language learning ability, the college specifically requires students trained in Chinese to report their situation in Chinese.

At the meeting, the judges carefully listened to the on-site defense of 22 international students, and then comprehensively evaluated and scored according to the application materials and on-site defense performance of the international students. After the defense, the participants had a lively discussion on issues related to "international talent training" and "education for foreign students in China" and fully exchanged and discussed the specific opinions and suggestions of international students on the cultivation, teaching and management of international students .

The annual review of Chinese government scholarships has not only promoted the college's understanding of international students' studies and scientific research, provided direct first-hand materials for the college's professional education for international students, but also provided a platform for exchange students to better complete their studies.

Author/高培伟 Review/张清江)