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With the power of example to strengthen ethics strengthen construction

作者: 发布日期:2018-11-24

On the afternoon of November 23, 2018, the humanities by law law school party branch organizations all party member team meeting, the meeting place for friendship campus sincere word building 214 room.The meeting shall be presided over by the vice secretary of party branch Hu Jianfa teacher, the party member through multiple forms such as learning, discussion and watching, conduct in-depth study, discussion and communication.The meeting is divided into three parts:

First of all, the recent debacle seized the situation by Hu Jianfa teachers and other related dynamic report to all the comrades in party construction, the dean zhang teacher requirements are presented with the prelude to the recent work of each party.

Second, by Han Wenlei teachers read, all party member comrade attending the meeting again to learn about ethics strengthen construction of "ten to ten no" principle, and has carried on the further detailed interpretation and repeatedly stressed.You have said this article 20 principle further gives himself as a teacher in university's high sense of responsibility and mission, to stand in the height of the "education people feelings", fully understand the importance of "ethics strengthen" development.

Finally, under the organization of Hu Jianfa teacher, all the members together to watch the "example 3" feature.Show in the flesh and blood, have the responsibility to bear the example image to impress everyone, feeling a lot.Role models for the country, for the social spirit of selfless dedication of his own deeds and also deeply infected with everyone.

You have said in the future work, should be positive to the daughter, not only in daily work to continue to communist party member's standard strict with themselves, but also for the future teaching work put forward more specific code of conduct.