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Law school of humanities and the public administration graduate academic salon activities held the third period

作者: 发布日期:2018-12-15

Law school of humanities and the public management phase 3 graduate academic salon activities on December 14, 2018 morning conference room in the center of the MPA smoothly.The academic salon with the theme of "master degree thesis writing the opening report of specification", to the common problems in grade 2017 master of public administration subject report as the breakthrough point, the master's thesis writing standard training and master literacy training, academic research of graduate dissertation proposal and subsequent graduation thesis writing for the targeted guidance.The academic activities by public administration Li Chongmao teachers lecture, xiao-dong kou and cheng-hua li teacher comments on and participate in discussions, public administration powso in grade 2017, 2018, and part of the master degree of MPA vital to listen.

This topic discussed by "what is the opening report", "several problems existing in current opening report", "study design and standardize the opening report", "case analysis with the discussion of several parts.

First, Li Chongmao teacher by introducing a sociological study of classic works, Emile durkheim's theory of "suicide", to introduce the classic method of the research of social sciences, in order to put forward several kinds of typical social science research paradigm and master of public administration of the graduation thesis writing specifications.