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Professor Mark Richard Poustie was invited to our school teaching

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On November 26, 2018, at the invitation of humanity and the law school, British, Clyde University (University of Strathclyde) professor Mark Richard Poustie for our law school graduate teaching a week of "professional literature for English law" complete English courses.

Humanities and the associate professor of law school dean assistant li firstly made a brief introduction to the professor Mark Poustie, and on behalf of the institute of professor Mark Poustie extended a warm welcome to visit.Later, Mark Poustie professor Anglo-American law was introduced in detail the basic knowledge of literature retrieval, tells the story of foreign legal professional database to retrieve the relevant foreign scholars mainly to the direction of the administrative law, economic law, civil and commercial law research frontier.At the same time, Mark Poustie professor from two parts, administrative law and civil law deeply expounds the national legal tradition, legal system and comparative study, listed the Anglo-American law system, the contract liability for breach of contract and other aspects of the similarities and differences with China.Finally, Mark Poustie professor is writing method was carried out on the present student guidance.Harmonious classroom atmosphere, frequent interaction.Every time after the course, Mark Poustie professor had in-depth communication with teachers and students, answer the concerns about some academic problems.

Professor Mark Poustie is an internationally renowned environmental jurists, long-time, UK, Clyde, vice President of the university of social sciences, director of international affairs and law school dean.At the same time, Mark Poustie accomplished a lot in the field of academic research, professor in the environmental law, land law, urban planning and the European Union has exquisite original research, have widespread influence at home and abroad.Professor Mark Poustie or an active social activist, widely participate in government environmental policy.In 2013, he began to employed by professor of Shanghai university of finance and economics "orientalist" throughout the year in the school of law courses in international environmental law, environmental law and eu law, etc.

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