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College students grade 2018 MPA ding "China cup" basketball match won the championship

作者: 发布日期:2018-12-10

On December 9, 2018, soaring in northwestern polytechnical university academy basketball court held a level 2018 MEM, MBA and MPA basketball friendly match between the final.The law school of humanities and the class of 2018 MPA team, after a tour of the tenacious struggle, hand in hand with MBA1 class final of the basketball friendly.

Game in the beginning, basketball athletes who take initiative tactics, as vigorous skilled action quickly passing, quick points.Both players into the game quickly, in the field, and you attack me, my mechanics flat and agile.Both team enthusiasm high, competition is fierce.At the same time cheerleaders cheer, the atmosphere is very active.

The players in every fight, in conjunction with the good team continuously runs, tense and warm game scene.Among them, three pitches, stealing the ball, the defense, and quick goal scene is that whole atmosphere to a climax.In the end, the MPA class on behalf of the players keep striving and solidarity and collaboration, with 53 over MBA1 than 30 classes, won the championship of the basketball friendly.

Pass the basketball game, to strengthen the students sense of unity and cooperation, let us study life in insecurity loosen body and mind.Players scored positive struggle, off the cheerleaders cheer team, to show the power of the class, cultivate the students' collective sense of honor.The competition, but also strengthened our MPA students and students of school of management MBA and MEM communication, enhance the connection and friendship.